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Lake Varese

  • Lago di Varese

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  • Lago di Varese

  • Lago di Varese

Lake Varese, formerly also known as Lake of Gavirate, wet the area of the nine municipalities : Varese, Buguggiate, Azzate, Galliate Lombardo, Bodio Lomnago, Cazzago Brabbia, Biandronno, Bardello and Gavirate; is located at the foot of the Campo dei Fiori and represents a particularly picturesque, thanks to the play of reflection of the mountains in its waters. And 'fed by spring waters and streams and rivers from the Campo dei Fiori, including the Fignano stream, the stream and the stream Nosè Tinella on the banks of Gavirate, Brabbia the channel that leads into the waters of the lake of Varese Comabbio while its outlet is the most Bardello river, which flows into lake Maggiore. 
Lake Varese is not very extensive, has a catch basin with an area of ​​111.5 sq km, reaches a length of 8 km and a width of 3.6 km and the length of the coast is about 24 km, and the maximum depth reaches 26 meters, below the promontory of Biandronno. 
The lake basin was formed about diciasettemila years ago during the last ice age and initially occupied a larger area because it included also the lake Comabbio to Biandronno and marsh Brabbia. 
During the Neolithic oldest was inhabited by peoples who lived on stilts practicing hunting and fishing, which in Roman times was practiced on a larger scale. In 1652 the lake was purchased by Bishop Francis Biglia of Pavia. Later, in 1865, the lake was bought by Andrea Ponti, with the right to fish. At the beginning of the twentieth century was founded the Fisherman's Cooperative of Lake Varese, based in Calcinate Fish (1921). 
Lake Varese is wrongly considered a reservoir of low interest environment when in fact it is one of the best preserved pre-Alpine lakes in Italy from the naturalistic point of view. Its fauna is indeed very large: cormorants, moorhens, gulls, herons, black kites, coots and grebes shapes are familiar to those who walk the Schiranna or Gavirate but you can also come across rare or endangered species such as the bittern, the marsh hawk, the Ferruginous Duck and Purple Heron, from the swamps of Africa that comes every spring in our reeds. 
As for the fish (once abundant and now rare) it was represented by: pike, tench, barbel, perch, rudd, bleak, chub, perch sun, pighi, burbot, and lamprey eels. The aquatic flora is typically in summer you can admire the water lilies blooming with heart-shaped leaves and white corolla, nannuferi of yellow and the beautiful lotus flowers, from very wide leaves. Feature is the presence of "lagana", dialectal name of the water chestnut (Trapa Natans), fruit barbed consistency of a walnut. The shore of the lake is full of trees: poplars, sycamores, oaks, ash, locust, willow, alder and spruce. For these reasons, the Lake of Varese was inserted for years by the European Union within the larger system of protected areas called Natura 2000, which protects habitats and rare or endangered species, both as SCI (Site of Importance Community) and SPA (Special Protection Area).
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