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Monti - Faraona - Monteggia - Piane

Monti - Faraona - Monteggia - Piane

Duration: about 3 hours 

And 'the longer route but without a doubt the one that best allows you to get to know the territory. Starting from the nearby Piazza Garibaldi, take the Via Vittorio Veneto to then take the right path Vallonetto. It goes up the valley until you cross the street Bosco plains that you drive up to the height of the sports field. 

To the left rises the street Tajagrande and, at the crossing, take left again to walk the long stretch that runs along the edge of the quarry. Once at the reservoir will continue until the end of eyelash pit where a path down to the right towards the Farm guinea fowl. 

Cross the main road and continue along the path and take a fowl on the right path that leads through beautiful meadows and cross the Via A. Volta. Turn left and crossed the main road again, continue along the path Tobagi to reach the railway station, located on the border between the municipalities of Travedona and Biandronno. 

Turn right in Via Monteggia and, after crossing the threshing floor of a barn, continue along a country road that crosses the river Blackwater surrounded by woods locust. On the left, a path leads to cross the Via IV Novembre which is immediately left to continue along the path of the Plains and, later, the Via Vigna News. Here on the right you can see the vineyard and the Pro Loco of Travedona Monate carried out as a pilot project for the reintroduction of viticulture in the area. 

Continuing along the trail to the right you can see the large cross made ​​by a devotee of Dozule travedonese. Then you will come out on the street G.Gentile and then, on the right, via Don Sturzo that descend towards the town center along the structures of the middle schools, the City and beyond the square where the market is held on Wednesdays, the new headquarters SOS center. Along the streets of San Francisco and A. Moro returns to the parking lot.

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