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The church of St. George and St. John the Evangelist

  • Chiesa parrocchiale di Gavirate
The parish church of Gavirate is far from the lake, on a hillock. This position rather uncomfortable for the faithful, has led to the hypothesis that the ancient sacred building was built in connection with a fortification, perhaps the medieval castle of which there are sporadic in some news papers. The hypothesis is not verifiable but also because in 1500 the churches on the hill were strangely two facing one another and respectively dedicated to St. George and St. John the Apostle. The latter, probably the most ancient of Roman origin, appears to be the parish although pastoral visits in 1500 reported that pours in a serious state of decay while the church of San Giorgio is more big and beautiful because it was rebuilt starting from 1514 as renovation of an existing building from which it inherits the semicircular apse. Of this appears to be the fragment of a fresco under the current altar of a bust depicting the Virgin holding the Child in her arms, and the fragment with the figures of St. Rocco and Ambrose today in the church of San Carlo Armijo . 
The church of St. George, who has since taken the double dedication to St. George and St. John the Evangelist, was with the passage of time of modest size so that it imposed its expansion in two stages: between the end of 1600s and the early 1700s and in 1874, the year in which demolished the original church of St. John the already converted into an oratory of Santa Marta in 1600. comes from the ancient church of St. John the seventeenth-century altarpiece now placed in the chapel of Santa Marta, built in 1800, in the church of St. George and St. John depicting the Madonna enthroned with the Child, flanked by St. John the Evangelist and St. Mary Martha presenting two confreres of the brotherhood of the Disciplines to which was entrusted oratory, kneeling in the characteristic white dresses with long hoods. The end of 1600 should also be the two processional statues, one depicting Our Lady of Sorrows and the other the Christ who died today in the chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows. 
The following is a beautiful eighteenth-century altarpiece from the private oratory of St. Patrick's built in their home, as in use at the time, from the noble family of Litta Visconti Arese and depicting the Madonna and Child with Saint Anthony of Padua and a holy bishop, St. Patrick's Day in fact. 
In 1874 the church underwent a new extension with the extension of the nave and the construction of a new apse where the altar was moved to existing and adding on facciato, a majestic porch. 
In 1902 with papal bull of S.S. Leo XIII the parish church was elevated to the rank of provost. It is also the organ renovated by the company Mascioni Azzio. In 1912 the church was decorated appropriately by the provost Brunetti, was consecrated by Cardinal Ferrari. In 1931 the vestry is renewed and elevated the seventeenth-century bell tower from Mt. 24 at Mt. 36.80 on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the parish of Don Brunetti. In 1945 the new baptistery is made by the Provost Charles Bai. We must remember that in 1844 was bought a new concert of 5 bells in subrogation of the previous three, and in 1931 the bells become six, and three of these will then be requisitioned during the Second World War.
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