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The Icebox

  • Ghiacciaia di Bardello
  • Ghiacciaia di Bardello
  • Ghiacciaia di Bardello
The icebox Bardello was built about 200 years ago by the Duke Pompeo Litta under the law enacted by the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, who demanded to every area of ​​the building primarily for medical purposes. E 'remained in operation until about 1920. 
A Bardello needed in a specific way to store fresh fish from the lake and into the river. During the winter, when the water of the surface of the lake was freezing, fishermen with large hammers broke the ice floes and covered them with sturdy canvas for easy loading on wagons. After which they were transported to the ice where, before being lowered in its interior, were further crushed to stiparne a greater quantity. 
Several layers of straw or other insulating material (rice husk, mat of rushes, dry leaves ...), were placed between the layers to ensure a longer shelf life of ice, which, so treated, it maintained until the following winter and was available to those who carried the fish to sell in the valleys of luinese and even to Milan. 
The preparation of ice required a strenuous work whose usefulness to the life of the whole country was recognized with rewards in kind for men who devoted themselves to it. 
The commercial activity of the fish was so fervent in Bardello because it is linked to the rich fishing grounds of Lake Varese in which they were particularly valuable fish species such as trout, whitefish and Persian. 
The icebox was very important: it took place around the daily life of bardellesi. One person was charged with the custody and care. Near the icebox was a square where you place the fish market. Today it has been restored respecting the characteristics of the center unifying the life of the country. 
With the acquisition of the icebox by the City Council in 1995, after years of private property, and the subsequent presentation of a project to restore the building, we tried to retrieve a continuity between past and present significance for the country : This architectural structure, in fact, is a good witness to the history of the lake. 
From the technical point of view the icebox is a building made of stones held together by lime. E 'consists of an outer, visible, and a partially underground. Has a circular shape, type "trullo", with an outer diameter of 5 m. This conformation is the most suitable to maintain the internal temperature constant. The roof is conical in shape and is covered with gneiss and surmounted by a stone called the center key. The structure has a single opening, quite small, to prevent the entry of heat from the outside. In the village is placed in an area to the north. At one time, around the icebox were planted tall trees to shade the building.
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