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Bardello The name originates, according to Dante Olivieri, from the Latin ecclesiastical "Bardellum" perhaps from the personal name "Bardo". A different view is Luigi Brambilla which derives its name from the Celtic bar (upstream) and the (small), then a small mountain. 
The first evidence of the existence of the village date back to the Neolithic Lower (second half of the fifth millennium BC to the 1200-900 BC); attest to the Pile dwellings found in the last century. There are also numerous finds from the Roman period: urns, grave of a cremated, some bronze objects of funerary art. 
From the point of view of general history, the municipality of Bardello follows the fate common to all countries in the parish of Brebbia: feud is January 5, 1410 by Facino Dog with the whole parish to Peter Beson, it will pass in 1514, by permission of the Duke Maximilian, Ludovico Visconti Borromeo, then in 1518 to the Trivulzio to return in 1525 to the aforementioned Visconti Borromeo. 
It will remain in that family until 1750 when it comes to succession to a female member of the family and then by marriage to her husband Litta, and finally to their successors, Litta Visconti Arese. Do you know the Spanish rule to be followed by that of Austria; Finally, with the whole of Lombardy, Piedmont, and then will be annexed to the Kingdom of Italy. 
As for the administrative history of the village, Bardello is an independent town in the late Middle Ages and the religious point of view, are in the territory of the municipality only the parish church dedicated to St. Stephen, documented since the second half of the sixteenth century. The economy of Bardello has always been based on agriculture and fishing: always very strong has been the phenomenon of migration for work so it was emphasized that in the nineteenth century that the inhabitants "just smile spring go into foreign and distant countries looking for work, and do not return home to advanced winter, bringing with him the fruit of his labors. "The impressive nature of the phenomenon, born with the characteristics of "emigration of the trade" and marked by the presence of many "masters wall" between the emigrants, has degenerated in this century into a real "leak".
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